Mijn player staat offline

Is the Media Player connected via Ethernet?

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Is the Media Player connected via WiFi?

When the Media Player does not have an internet connection, it cannot contact the server and is offline in your environment.

To connect the Media Player to a WiFi network, you can go through the following steps:

1. Connect a mouse to the USB port of the Media Player
2. Right click to close the Signage app
3. Now go in android to the overview page with all apps and click on the app ‘Settings’.
4. Click on WiFi in the menu on the left, all available WiFi networks are listed on the right. Don’t see any networks listed? Then check at the top right whether the WiFi is on (on/off button). Now click on the WiFi network you want to connect to.
5. Enter the password and click save. When the registration has been successful, you will see ‘Connected’ behind the network.
6. With the right mouse button you can return to the overview page with all apps. Click on the ‘IP Digital’ app there.